Advertising agency CHL

Passion for creating interesting things

We operate under the slogan „Create hot look”, which perfectly reflects our approach to realized projects – CHL is not only the name of the company, but also our motto. As a creative advertising agency, operating in the industry since 2006, we implement projects related to the image, promotion and visualization of any advertising ideas with passion and commitment. Many years of experience gained while working with clients from various industries is what makes us able to engage in any topic and take care of its implementation.



We work in the field of graphic design, advertisements and image media for the needs of printing, the Internet as well as film.



We carry out comprehensive tasks related to creating a logo and visual identity as well as developing graphic communication principles.



We provide marketing services in building the company’s image, or launching a new brand including graphics, e-commerce, content marketing and social media.


We carry out projects related to the design and typesetting of publications, advertising brochures along with editorial and copywriting.



We create image and information websites, online stores and e-commerce tasks, dedicated CRM systems, as well as advanced booking systems.



We conduct research on the usability of websites, advertisements, and support qualitative research and in-depth interviews using our eyetracker.


„Make the client

the hero of your story.”

These are the words that Ann Handley, an expert and pioneer in Internet marketing, once said, and in this spirit we create our graphic designs. We immerse ourselves in the client’s needs, visualize in our heads the message that he would like to have and further create a story that will naturally create a new reality where the customer and his clients will feel at home.



Tailored for individual needs

Graphic design of leaflets, advertisements, advertising folders.

Press advertisements and large format media.

Internet creations and campaigns.

Advertising photography.

Film production.



Visual identity

Logo design.

Creating business cards, envelopes and stationery.

Menu and other media for the catering industry.

Multimedia company presentation.

Folders and advertising brochures.


Wide campaigns

Building the company’s image.

Launching a product into the market.

Product and e-commerce campaigns.

Marketing in social media.



Image and e-commerce

Internet shops.

Www pages.

CRM systems.

Booking systems.


Research and optimization of advertising message

Website usability testing.

Study of the perception of printed ads.

Study of television advertising.

Expert reports.

In-depth interviews with IDI.


Why choose our

Advertising agency?

For example, because I bet about PLN 1512456324532 that you have not read the exact number. You just had a glance. You did not even realize that I had put a letter there. Well, I didn’t, but you came back to check.

This online viral is an example that everywhere we can, we operate in a non-standard and surprising way, drawing from knowledge of what is catchy today. We know, however, that it is not possible everywhere and that we have to interact with individual needs, habits, assimilate with the environment and only then we can give it our own tone.

more or less


not meaning anything

just flew by



With advertising herd

Don’t hesitate and contact us about any graphic, advertising or marketing help that you need. We do not bite like other animals in the advertising world, so we will be happy to talk, answer questions and we believe that we will be able to establish cooperation.

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